1. a word of kindly greeting, as to one whose arrival gives pleasure.

I’m not sure what a blog is, the thought hasn’t struck me yet as to why I have started this blog. perhaps in this obscure moment I am uninterested, or maybe I’m not prepared to start a diary, and have taken this on instead. Obviously I don’t mean to start an online diary, because I strongly disapprove of the sharing of strong emotions online. However, I do hope that this blog welcomes you into my world(which isn’t a very large place I must forewarn you) as well as broaden my own writing skills. I adore reading, so I am happily not too proud to read other blogs as well. I find being optimistic being one of the most challenging things I have ever come across, but do not assume this is because I am a pessimistic person. I would love to be able to do and be so many things in this life, and fortunately I am young, and have a lot of time on my side. I’d like to personally welcome you into my space, into my mind, because I’d like to believe that your presence upon this blog gives me pleasure. Enjoy!

Note: I strongly believe that music influences a human’s emotional and psychological state, and so I have decided to let you know which song/s I was listening to while typing this blog. In case you were curious of my emotional state.

Songs:  [ Don’t Need Y’all- Iggy Azalea  //    Reminds Me of You- Sam Smith  //  Take Me Home- Cash Cash feat. Bebe Rexha ]


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