Happiness Journey [ Part 1]


1. laughing; smiling; cheerful.

Being “happy” has often been cliched to be: forever cheerful, forever friendly and honestly far too close to being perfect. The reality is that I cannot tell you what being happy is and how to do it, because happiness is not a verb it is not something that you do, there cannot possibly be a step-by-step guide book. However, that has never stopped the world from trying.

Happiness is supposed to be a feeling, a state of being, the emotion that you experience after an event, or the emotion that you plan on feeling afterwards. So happiness cannot be generalised, yes perhaps there are characteristics and patterns that suggest that a person is happy, but what is happy?


1.delighted, please, or glad as over a particular thing: to be happy to see a person.

Now, I am not one who criticises dictionary definitions, but this particular definition is pleading to be scrutinised! “Glad as over a particular thing…”, the definition suggests that happiness is only expressed over a thing, and cannot just be a state of being at the present time. Although i cannot particularly judge because I don’t think I’ve ever met someone completely happy, then again the world is a large place; but seriously who is happy? How can we want something that we do not quite understand. If you ask someone ‘How can I become happy?’, you’ll often hear, ‘ Be friendly, and loving and forgiving. Look for the good in someone.’ We have all heard it before, and this advice may be useful for some time, but can it last forever.

At 12:06pm I openly admit that I am unsure of my own happiness, and if I am even seeking for it. The term has become a new language that I am currently trying to  grasp. Are you happy?

Note:  If you have any suggestions to how I can improve my blog, please feel free to let me know in the comments section. Have a lovely day/ afternoon/ evening!

Songs: [ Leave Your Lover- Sam Smith // Rather Be- Clean Bandit feat Jess Glynn // Make You Feel My Love- Adele // Wings- Birdy ]



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